Welcome back my old friend


New Year is shit: Fancy dress parties, drunk people trying to hug you, public transport closed down, overpriced entry to places you normally wouldn’t dream of going to.

Just shit.

The only silver lining to this cloud of enforced fun comes from the foil surrounding that Cadbury’s perennial – the Crème Egg. For just three months a year this weighty treat fills my life with confectionary joy.

I have always loved a Crème Egg and am surprisingly forgiving when they make changes: I am a little sad they now come in boxes of five and not six, I don’t mind they changed the chocolate from Dairy Milk to generic Cadbury’s (no, I didn’t know they made ‘other’ chocolate either!), I still shed the occasional tear at the loss of the seventies style chick from the wrapper – but none of these stop me from buying them in their hundreds each year!

They are the perfect confectionary item for just this short time, because they are here for a short time; their seasonality adds to the overall joy of my fondant-filled friends.

How do they get the yolk into the white? Can you take off the wrapper in one piece? Like eating a Tunnocks Teacake the unwrapping is an intrinsic part of its consumption – think Kit Kats aren’t as much fun anymore? That’s due to the lack of fingernail-scoring fun to be had with its new fancy wrapping!

Despite Mondelez coming up with ever more brand extensions to muddy the egg offerings this year – there is a beacon of light in this lengthy approach to Easter. One of purity and strength, of chocolate and fondant, of comfort and joy. The Crème Egg.