Cost £0.99

Constituents Crown (with no sesame seeds), chopped onions, 1 slice gherkin, mustard, ketchup, processed cheese slice, burger, heel.

When Richard and Maurice McDonald opened up their ‘McDonald Brothers Bar Drive-in’ in San Bernardino, California in 1940, they can have had no idea what their name would become. Although it was Ray Kroc that made the company into the behemoth it is today, it was by using the ideals and procedures that the brothers had put in place. They wanted to standardise their burgers and appeal to families, moving the burger away from it’s origins as sustenance for workers at the turn of the century.

So 70 years and thousands of stores later, we have this – the cheeseburger.
Obviously it has cost on it’s side, at only 99p (although only 89c in the US) it fills the criteria for a mass populous foodstuff.
I like it, there’s no way round it, even the seedless, overly sweetened bun can’t put me off. It’s often over-sauced and you can fall prey to onion-sauced shrapnel, but the balance is spot on. The size makes for a perfect, one-handed driving accompaniment.

BMC rating 8

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  1. Nicholas Buckland's comment - added on 2nd of September, 2009 at 5:23 am

    I find the cheeseburger the only burger to be just as delicious whether it be fresh from the grill or sitting under the hot lights for 1 hr 40 minutes! Mmmm… They haven’t bettered (or battered, although there’s an idea) this…