Hollywood loves a sequel. The cash-cows of popular franchises can be milked for decades! Who’d have thought you could squeeze a single film out of Big Mama’s House, let alone two follow ups?!

So with the world admiring RPatz in his latest outing Water for Elephants I got to thinking about wringing some more cash out of that franchise with a raft of sequels.

I immediately discounted Guinness for Toucans or Kia Ora for Crows as way too obvious – but here are some ideas for the next installement…

Midori for Dolphins

Irn Bru for Weasels^

Ribena for Squirrels

Flat White for Kangaroos*

Beer for Possums*

Earl Grey for Killer Whales

Limeade for Penguins

Lucozade for Kingfishers

Red Bull for Gerbils

Real ale for Badgers

Peppermint tea for Wrens^^

Special brew for Meerkats

Martinis for Lions


This is by no way an exhaustive list and all suggestions are welcome.

^ set in Scotland. Alt title: Tizer for Red Squirrels. Starring Robert Carlisle as a corrupt councillor and David Tennant as the dependable best friend.

* set in Australia. Starring Brian Brown as a cruel carnival owner, with Eric Bana as the mute strongman.

^^ set in early 20th century Surrey. Starring Maggie Smith as a prickily governess and Dawn French as the loveable, but mad cat lady.

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  1. Laura's comment - added on 24th of July, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    Martinis for lions 🙂