Burger King


Cost £1.89

Constituents Crown, 3 slices gherkin, mustard, ketchup, processed cheese slice, burger, heel.

I always get the feeling when I visit a Burger King that it’s not quite run as well as it should be, it’s never quite as slick, nor friendly as it’s golden arched competition – which is ironic given that BK introduced indoor seating areas, which McDonalds quickly matched. The food never feels quite as iconic, ironic also given that the Big Mac was introduced as a response to the Whopper.

Burger King, maybe ‘Home of the Whopper’,  but is not the home of the cheeseburger. You get the feeling, through prominence and price, that Burger King really doesn’t care for this little relation of it’s star turn. The burger is small, overcooked and there is no reason for 3 slices of gerkin. The bread is the wrong side of fresh and the price is the wrong side of reasonable.

I love a Whopper and never feel disappointed, despite the high cost. This was the very opposite.

BMC rating 3.5