Cost £5.25

Constituents Crown, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, processed cheese slice, burger, mayo, mustard, heel.

Del’aziz is “the first all round Mediterranean Delicatessen & Brasserie in London.” according to the website, that is. It has five branches in London and offers an array of ‘Mediterranean’ food – mezze, feta cheese and all manner of char-grilled vegetable. But it also sells burgers – served on planks of wood – because of the emphasis on all things Med, they come in lots of variations, featuring houmous, harissa and sumac.

Luckily for me they also do a cheeseburger.

I didn’t want to enjoy this, it’s served on a plank of wood for Christ’s sake! It couldn’t get any further removed from it’s honest origins. Sadly for me it was very good. The burger was perfectly cooked and generously thick, with the bun holding it all together faultlessly. The sauce, spot on.

BMC rating 7.5

2 comments on “Del’Aziz”

  1. Roxie's comment - added on 27th of August, 2009 at 8:55 am

    This one looks rocking. Is it wrong to have a cheeseburger for breakfast?

  2. Nicholas Buckland's comment - added on 2nd of September, 2009 at 5:26 am

    That looks horrid. Good to hear it tastes better.