The Tea Tipping Point

There comes a time when things that are good become not so good.

Remember that bowl of crisps you put out for that party? Not quite as crispy in the morning were they?

That roast potato that was so delicious last night, when you were picking at the remains of the roast dinner? Now cold, with the heft of a small rock.

That packet of Rich Tea that was lurking in the bottom of that biscuit tin? Hmmm, bit soft now aren’t they?

That delicious cup of tea you left just that minute too long? Before it was the perfect quaffing temperature, now it is unpalatably cold.

This, my friends, is the Tea Tipping Point or TTP – the point a which something previously delicious becomes decidedly unappealing.

Most things in life have a TTP and although they vary with individual preferences and taste, they are there. From supermarket visits to family Christmas gatherings, nature has a way of telling us when enough is enough.

Or to quote Jeff Goldblum ‘I’m simply saying that life, uh, finds a way’.