McDonalds will double your fun

A colleague was recently regaling me with an example of her twin sister’s naivety. This particular girl didn’t believe seahorses existed in reality, convinced they belonged in the pantheon of mythical beasts, alongside unicorns and Pegasus.

Imagine her utter confusion and delight when seeing them for the first time at an aquarium?

Can you imagine having something that appears only in your imagination, becoming real?

Strap yourself in; I’ve got exactly that.


You can get every single McDonalds burger with EXTRA meat!!!

Yep – I’ll type that one more time.

You can get every single McDonalds burger with EXTRA meat.

I can hear the party-poopers already saying ‘yeah but they already do a double cheeseburger!’.  My friend, I’m not talking about just cheeseburgers (which incidentally would become quadruple cheeseburgers!) I’m talking about any burger.

Fillet O’Fish? – Double that deep fried bad boy.

Quarterpouder? – Half-pound me up, with cheese!

Big Mac? – Even Bigger Mac

The critically acclaimed In-N-Out burger chain in the US has long since had a ‘secret’ menu, containing items that can’t be seen on the regular menu.

I’d heard whispers that McDonalds would do any burger any way you want – but I just thought that meant just leaving out the pickles or maybe an extra slice of cheese.

I decided to try out my favourite Australian McDonalds burger, the rather underplayed Mighty Angus; still available, just never advertised.

All you need do is ask for ‘extra beef’ – it will cost more, but we’re pushing boundaries here people. What price the great unknown.

Whilst the balance of everything was rubbish, and the overall experience not entirely enjoyable – IT HAD TWO BURGERS IN IT!

With the news that of the McRib back for a limited time, in a very badly thought out Olympic tie-in, you know what I’m thinking… it’s got to be done…