Dear Swizzels-Matlow

Swizzels Matlow fizzers

We have known each other for so long now, I feel able to be frank with you, knowing that you will take this in the spirit it is intended.

In our time together you have taught me so much – it’s down to you that I know I don’t like coloured puffed rice – even if you call it Rainbow Drops.

And I will happily accept that you are my first love. You may not have known this, but it is to white Love Hearts that all other confectionary is compared. And nothing does compare.

Your Drumsticks and Refreshers are the building bricks of my childhood – and whilst I may not agree with your recent dalliance with ‘squashies’, I am safe enough in our relationship to give you that freedom.

Like all long term partnerships there are little things you do that have started to really grate on me; why are Climpies not available on their own? Parma Violets, really? Still? But the worst thing is reserved for your lollies.

Why are the sticks made of PAPER?? You know it annoys me, and yet you still do it! You know that they just get soggy and I end up eating a load of paper by the time I’ve finished!

We have a such good times, and as I look back at all the laughter and fun we’ve had, I find it hard that you still want to ruin all that with your paper sticks!

Is it any wonder I have a Chupa Chups every now and then? It’s not that I enjoy going behind your back, and I know it’s a choice I make – I’m not making excuses, just telling you the reason why I do it.

I’m hoping if we’re just honest, we can get back to the way it was and enjoy ourselves without the pettiness. Just use plastic sticks, it won’t make a big difference to you, but will mean the world to me.

With love




One comment on “Dear Swizzels-Matlow”

  1. Sarah-Louise Heslop's comment - added on 15th of April, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    Hi Ben, Thanks for the feedback and for cheering up our Monday. Sorry to hear you don’t like the paper sticks but on the plus side they can be recycled after you have enjoyed your lolly.
    So you are a Climpies fan- we knew there had to be some of you out there somewhere! They are cute little things aren’t they. I think you will find more Parma Violets fans than Climpies though! I will post a little question on our Facebook page to find out!